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Virtual Speaker Series Livestream 4/27 9:30pm EDT; 4/28 9:30am GMT+8

This page will be monitored during the livestream's Q&A session, and questions and comments posted here could be answered by the speaker.

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2 thoughts on “Virtual Speaker Series Livestream 4/27 9:30pm EDT; 4/28 9:30am GMT+8”

  1. Thank you for a great research talk and insights. Democratic countries with resources such as Norway – or even East Timor – with well managed sovereign funds and good social participation might be good examples for Mongolia to take inspiration. Of course, not copied, but adapted to Mongolian specific social, economic and ecological conditions.

  2. Havatzelet (Lily) Farber

    I’ve just listened to Ms. Dolgion Aldar. I don’t believe that cries of panic like the heading of this lecture are usefull. She admits that Mongolia is still democratic, that the government policies are neither very effective nor restrictive & that civic society is active. It’s true that the danger lies in social & econ. inequality. But civil society can be effective in that through all kind of Grass-Root informal ventures like organizing ger-district-cooperatives (consumer cooperatives & co-ops of producers of home made products) enlisting elite groups (industry magnates big importers mining multinationals etc.) to open & finance vocational training for youth, for the old, for single mothers etc. Young people might also be interested in leadership-training courses etc.
    The power is in the hands of the civil society – and I’ve already seen how UB citizens influenced urban plans in the city in favour of the poor & how some dispossesed herders took on a great mining company.
    Discurse should concentrate on civil society & its strengths – not on absract ideas like what if…
    As a Sociologist Town Planner – I believe that actions on the community & civic grass roots level are the key to change and to supporting democracy. And I don’t think that Mongolians really look to Russia or China – Mongolia knows very well what a bad example these two neighbours were – and still are!…

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