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Mongolia Field Notes connect research work conducted by Mongolian and international researchers to issues in contemporary Mongolia. The goal is to highlight researchers and their areas of expertise, and to provide information in a tight, concise format. Field Notes can cover any topic related to Mongolia, including politics, economics and business, science, environment and technology, or people, history and society.

We are currently encouraging American, Mongolian and other international researchers to submit their short articles for review. A Field Note should explore an academic concept or research related to contemporary Mongolia in a lively and jargon-free piece of 300 to 1000 words. At this time, only submissions in English are accepted. Where possible, integrate current events into your Field Note. Your submission should effectively convey a key idea or point, backed up by concise arguments and evidence.

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Dippers in the Altai

Mongolia Field Note #15  ‣  Author: Andrew Laurie Background The White-throated Dipper, or Гялаан омруут харзлай, (Cinclus cinclus) is distributed from Europe to China, including upland parts of Mongolia.    Andrew […]
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Ethnoarchaeology of Mongolian Hide and Fiber Crafts

Author: Kristen Pearson  |  Mongolia is one of the few places in the world with environmental conditions favorable to the long-term preservation of organic materials, such as textile, leather, and wood.
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Ikh Nart: An Archaeological Treasure Trove

Author: Blake Epstein  |  Looking at the linguistic landscape of Mongolia enhances our knowledge about Mongolians’ use of language and literacy in their daily lives.
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Linguistic Landscape Research: Ulaanbaatar

Author: Phillip Marzluf  |  The Ikh Nart Nature Preserve contains a vast array of archaeological sites and artifacts spanning more than 9,000 years of the human history.
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Amur Falcon nesting ecology: a case-study in land-use practices, climate change, and protected areas in central Mongolia

Author: Ryan C. Burner  |  Unlike the famous Saker Falcon of Mongolian pride, this small falcon uses nests built by magpies and little is known about the details of its nesting ecology.
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Ulaanbaatar Studies and the Pursuit of Knowledge in the City Streets

Author: Paweł Szczap  |  Ulaanbaatar, the arena of rapid social, cultural, economic and political development, is also a site of utter visual pollution and makeshift planning efforts.
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“HerderVision”: Bringing audiences closer to the Mongolian experience

Author: Peter Bittner  |  360º video to capture the stories of rural-urban migrants living on the outskirts of Ulaanbaatar.
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Mongol Music Archive: Capturing everyday uses of traditional music in the daily lives of Mongolian herders

Author: Dimitri Staszewski  |  The goal of Mongol Music Archive is to capture everyday uses of traditional music in the daily lives of Mongolian herders.
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Language and Learning: What, and How, to Learn from One Another through International Research Collaboration in Mongolia

Author: Marissa J. Smith  |  Being proficient in English and Mongolian (as well as Russian) placed me in a variety of hierarchical positions throughout the course of the fieldwork.
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Gaming Addiction and Homeless Youth in Mongolia

Author: Scott Parker  |  Even with beds, clothes, and food ready at hand, 60 children remain on the streets, with more joining their ranks monthly.
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Investigating Mongolia’s nomadic origins through the study of ancient horse remains

Author: William Taylor  |  Despite their centrality to Mongolian life, however we know very little about what role horses might have played in the initial formation of nomadic societies.
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Breastfeeding across the World: Celebrating Mother’s Milk in Mongolia

Author: Aubrey Menard  |  In Mongolia, breast milk is most often given freely and informally to friends in need, though is sometimes traded for food supplies such as bread or eggs.
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From the Pleistocene to the Present: Climate induced water poverty in the Altai Mountains

Author: Caleb Pan  |  The Altai’s glaciated landscape may seem negligible compared to other mountain complexes within the High Mountains of Asia but the importance of these glaciers must not be understated.
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Material Culture of the Khashaa: Fence Exigency in Ulaanbaatar’s Ger Districts

Author: Byoern Reichhardt  |  A remarkable phenomenon in modern Mongolia is the extensive emergence of fences in Ulaanbaatar’s ger districts.
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Introducing Mongolia Field Notes

The ACMS is excited to announce the launching of this online research publication to communicate academic research about Mongolia to broader audiences.
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