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Mongolia Field School 2024 Applications are CLOSED

The application for ACMS Mongolia Field School 2024 is now CLOSED - Thank you to all of you who have applied.

ACMS Is holding two courses in the Summer of 2024 on site in Mongolia for Mongolia Field School 2024. All applicants who apply by the Priority deadline are given consideration for fellowship awards. Fellowships are available due to the generous support of the Henry Luce Foundation and other donors.

These Mongolia Field School courses will be offered for Summer 2024:

Program Details and Courses
The courses offer an educational travel experience blending academic insights and discussions with travel experiences that allow participants to interact with local people and locations off the usual tourist track. All courses will be taught in English, and there is no prior experience required. Please learn more about each course in detail below.

All Field School courses begin in Ulaanbaatar with an orientation to Mongolian culture, history, language and contemporary issues. Participants will meet with their instructors and classmates from Mongolia and around the world, and begin their learning journey. Class groups will then travel to selected sites across Mongolia where they will pursue field research, gaining an understanding of the topics studied in the context of the landscapes and people in the regions visited. All participants will have the opportunity to see important sites in Mongolia and participate in tourist activities, while also gaining the unique insights offered by their course leaders and the local people and officials encountered during the field studies. 

Program tuition for full-term courses covers the costs of the academic program, travel arrangements for course-related travel within Mongolia, accommodations for all nights during the Field School, and most meals. Participants are responsible for making their own travel arrangements to and from Ulaanbaatar, and should budget for incidental expenses during their stay in Mongolia. A significant number of scholarships are available, with awards based on merit, diversity, and need. Please see the information on fellowship awards in the application for admission for more details. 

For priority consideration for fellowship awards apply by March 30, 2024.

Final deadline is May 30, 2024.

If you have questions about MFS, please contact

Application information MFS 2024


The ACMS is also offering a fourth special course this year for faculty and administrators at US community colleges and minority-serving institutions through the CAORC Overseas Faculty Development Seminar program, presented in collaboration with the Council of American Overseas Research Centers. The ACMS course offering in Mongolia, Climate Change and Public Health: What does "Climate Change mean for the People of Mongolia?" offers participants a profound exploration of Mongolia's rich history, society, and culture while exploring its implications for climate resilience in the United States. The program will provide international experience to enhance the development of academic courses, curricula, and teaching materials at Community Colleges and Minority Servicing Institutions in the USA.

Course Dates: May 31-June 15, 2024.

This seminar is a fully funded for qualified applicants. Faculty members who are unsure if their schools are Minority Serving Institutions can check the list of qualified schools here:

OFDS Course and Application Information Here


Note: tuition does not apply to the Faculty Development Seminar.

Horses and History: How the Mongols and Their Horses Reshaped the World

International participants - $1,750

Mongolian participants - ₮600`000

Hustai National Park: Managing Biodiversity in the Home of Mongolia’s Native Horses

International participants - $3,500

Mongolian participants - ₮1`200`000

Powerpoint slides used in webinar 1 are available here (see webinar video below). These slides contain details about AMCS programs, our field school programs, tuition and fellowship information, field school application details and field school program content and itineraries.

Frequently asked questions

1. Application process

When will I be notified about my application result?

Program admission will be handled on a rolling basis, with applicants generally hearing about their application status within 30 days of submitting their application. Notification fellowship awards will occur after the Priority Deadline. 

Is it possible to apply for two courses in the program, and how can I do that? 

We encourage students who are interested to take two courses as long as they do not occur on the same dates.  For example, you can take both the course on Horses and History: How the Mongols and Their Horses Reshaped the World and Steppe Ethnographies: Mobile Pastoralism, Cosmology and Development in Rural Mongolia or Hustai National Park: Managing Biodiversity in the Home of Mongolia’s Native Horses. You can not take both Steppe Ethnographies and Hustai National Park classes at the same.  You do not need to re-submit documents to apply to a second course.  Please indicate your interest in two courses on your application by choosing the two courses of interest and describing your interest in the statement of intent.    

Is there any price discount if I take two classes? 

The tuition amounts for the two courses will remain as posted, however we will honor all fellowships awarded for one class for a second class as well, thus if you receive a $1000 fellowship for the Sonic World class and want to take a second class, you will receive a $1000 fellowship for that class as well.

I was accepted into the 2023 Field School. How do I affirm my interest in participating this summer? 

Participants who previously were accepted to the 2023 Field School can apply any fellowship award from the 2023 Field School towards courses in the 2024 Field School. We can utilize some submitted documents from 2023 but ask that you update your resume and statement of intent to describe your current situation and course interest.

Do the ACMS offer academic credit for participation in the program?

The ACMS is unable to directly offer program participants academic credit for their participation in the program. Students who wish to receive academic credit for their participation in the program can work with their home or other academic institutions to ensure that the courses taken through the program meet the academic requirements of the institution granting academic credit. The ACMS can provide course syllabi, information on assessment and other materials to assist students who are seeking academic credit.

2. Funding/fellowship

What is covered by tuition?

Tuition will cover all in-country instructional costs, including housing, transportation and most meals during the program term. You will be responsible for your travel to and from Mongolia and your stay before and after the field school and some meals and incidental expenses during the field school course. 

If I am accepted for a fellowship, can I request additional funding based on a special personal circumstance? 

In general, fellowship awards will be final.  If special personal situations apply that will prevent your participation in the field school for financial reasons, you are encouraged to apply for funding support from other sources to support your participation in the Field School. ACMS can work with you to support applications to other funding sources, and on an exceptional basis will consider special requests for funding for participants with special situations.

What is the tuition refund policy?

If the program is canceled due to travel restrictions related to health or political situations, a full refund of tuition will be paid. Program participants who have paid the tuition fee but are unable to attend the program for personal reasons and notify the ACMS at least 15 days prior to the starting date of the programs are eligible to receive a full tuition refund, minus a program administrative fee. Program participants who withdraw from the program within the 15 days prior to the starting date of the program are responsible to pay the administrative fee and are eligible for a refund of 75% of the tuition fee. Program participants who withdraw or are required to leave the program after the start date of the program are not eligible for a tuition refund.

3. Health

Does the program tuition cover medical and evacuation insurance of the participants?

All participants will be responsible for providing a personal policy covering appropriate medical and evacuation insurance coverage for the duration of their stay in Mongolia. Proof of travel and evacuation insurance coverage will be required for all participants in the program. Program participants assume all responsibility, financially and otherwise, for costs associated with any illness or injury that may occur during the course of the field school, including the costs of medical care and evacuation. The ACMS will provide support for individuals and assist them to locate and access appropriate medical care, but is not responsible for covering the costs of the care received or any transportation or other extraordinary expenses incurred.

Do I need Covid-19 vaccination before traveling to Mongolia?

Mongolia has lifted all the travel restrictions. But we encourage you to be vaccinated. 

  • No PCR or rapid test results required to enter Mongolia.
  • No quarantine or self-isolation.
  • Free vaccinations and treatments for all.

Also please consult with travel advisory for Mongolia for any recommendations related to immunization by the U.S. Department of State.

Can you accommodate food allergies or special dietary requirements?

Participants with dietary restrictions acknowledge that food options in Mongolia are limited, especially when traveling outside of Ulaanbaatar, and it may not be possible to accommodate all requests. ACMS will do everything possible to accommodate dietary requests, but participants with rigid restrictions are encouraged to be prepared by bringing their own supplemental food and snacks for emergency situations.

4. Logistics

Does ACMS provide airport transfer service? 

The ACMS office in Ulaanbaatar can arrange an airport pick up service at the Ulaanbaatar airport. This is an additional service not covered by the tuition of MFS2022. Please contact our office by email for more information on pricing and to coordinate arrival and departure timing:

What information is available about accommodation for the field school? Can I have my own single room? Can I stay additional nights before or after the field school term?

Program fee covers accommodation of twin occupancy during the program term. Single room occupancy requests can be accommodated with extra charge. 

Will there be free internet connection during my stay in Mongolia?

Free Wi-Fi internet is available in all hotels and some restaurants in Ulaanbaatar. The 3G network covers most areas in Mongolia. We recommend you purchase a tourist SIM card. This is definitely the cheapest way to use your phone to access the web and make local calls, and fees for international calls are generally pretty low. Once you have a local SIM card installed in your cell phone, then you will be able to connect to Mongolia’s 3G and 4G mobile network and access the internet on the go. We can help you arrange and activate a prepaid SIM card for you before your arrival at your request.

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