Maury Kravitz Library Donation!

On May 30, 2024 the ACMS held a ceremony to officially receive a donation from the family of Maury Kravitz of the library of Chinggis Khan related books that Mr. Kravitz amassed over the decades he spent studying and searching for Chinggis Khan. Mr. Kravitz spent several decades and over $1.2 million dollars searching for the Chinggis Khan’s tomb, and this incredible library collection is the result of that passionate quest for knowledge.  The donation ceremony was fittingly held at the National Library of Mongolia’s Rare and Valuable Books Collection Room.

The ACMS and the National Library of Mongolia also used the occasion to sign a renewed Memorandum of Understanding to support future collaboration on the acquisition and sharing of books and research materials related to Mongolian Studies, and further work to build library capacity and increase remote access to Mongolian Studies related materials in libraries in Mongolia. As the first act of this renewed partnership, the Maury Kravitz Memorial Library will be on loan at the National Library of Mongolia for the next 6 months, after which it will return to the ACMS Library and be housed in a space dedicated to preserving this incredible collection for this and future generations of scholars of Mongolian Studies.


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