Marc 21 Format and Non-Standard Book Cataloguing Workshop

In 2023 for ACMS Library Fellowship, ACMS slelected Dr. Saruul-Erdene Myagmar, Mongolian book expert and Librarian from the Library of Congress, a second time (he was selected for this fellowship in 2020) for the second in-person Library Workshop. This workshop is the latest in a series of ACMS library workshops, which first started in November 2021, as an Online Library Workshop (due to Covid-19 pandemic and its travel restrictions) jointly hosted by Dr. Saruul-Erdene Myagmar and Dr. Enerel Dambiinyam. In 2022, the workshop was held in-person at the American Corner for the first time for 4 weeks. The 2022 also workshop covered MARC 21 format in depth and Name Authority Records (NAR) with practical assignments. 37 librarians and cataloguists from public libraries, university libraries, and school libraries.

In 2023 Dr. Saruul-Erdene Myagmar also led this workshop, however this time Librarian Tsolmon from the Mongolian State University of Education (MSUE), a participant of the 2022 workshop returned as a co-instructor. Together they delivered the 4-week workshop and taught MARC 21 format to new and returning librarians, and also covered "Cataloguing non-standard books." Similar to the previous in-person workshop, participants of this workshop also work in public libraries and universities.

The key advantage of this workshop is in the instructor - Dr. Saruul-Erden Myagmar is a librarian of The Library of Congress of the U.S. and an expert on Mongolian books, who has a PhD in Philology. As an ethnic Mongolian and a Mongolian book expert working in the library and information science field, he is intimately familiar with technical difficulties of working with books in Cyrillic Mongolian, as well as Mongolian script. This familiarity allowed him to come up with creative solutions to record and catalog these books. Together with his expertise and with no language barrier between himself and the workshop participants this Library Workshop is one of a kind.

This workshop was covered by Mongolian news media. This news story can be seen here:

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