Library Book Survey 2024

Every year the American Center for Mongolian Center acquires new books for our library. Our library collection holds more than 5000 books on Mongolian Studies and Inner Asian Studies. While majority of the collection was formed by book donations, we also purchased a sizeable portion of the books for the library. We regularly give updates on what books were donated and purchased on our social media.

In the past we have compiled a list for purchase on the go and by suggestions from our members, patrons and friends. But this years we would like all you to get involved in this process by letting us know what books are a must have for a Mongolian studies library like ours. In addition, we also gave regular news on the newest book publications throughout the year in This Month in Mongolian Studies e-newsletter.

And so, please fill out the following survey to help us build the book purchase list. The survey will be available in both English and Mongolian languages.

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