ACMS Fellowship 2023 Selection Announcement

Greetings! The 2023 ACMS fellowship selections have been completed. In 2023 ACMS selected 6 Field Research Fellows, 2 Library Fellows and 3 Intensive Summer Language Program Fellows, who come from diverse and varied backgrounds and fields of study. Please join us in congratulating the new ACMS Fellows!

Field Research Fellows:

Christina Carolus University of California, Berkeley Sowing the Seeds of Empire: Subsistence Economic Transformation and the Emergence of East Asia's Earliest Nomadic Polity
Lee Orfila University of Texas, Austin Documentation of Mongolian Sign Language
Jeffrey Dolphin University of Wyoming Wildland-urban interface: gray wolves, feral dogs and human dimension in a Mongolian UNESCO Biosphere
John Koprowski University of Wyoming Wildlife Conservation and Anthropogenic Effects on the Summit of Asia's Oldest Protected Area, Bogd Khan Mountain
Uyanga Byambaa University of California, Berkeley Teacher Quality and Student Human Capital: Evidence from Rural Mongolia
Emily Eklund University of Pittsburgh Monuments as Anchored Places of Community in a Landscape of Movement

Library Fellows:

Mary Ellen Sloane Middle Tennessee State University Promoting Scholarly Communication and Research Evaluation in Mongolia
Saruul-Erdene Myagmar Library of Congress Cataloging Challenging Items

ISLP Fellows:

Einar Pieler
Daniel Lindbergh Lang Peace Corps/Metropolitan Department of Education
Maggie Lindrooth Yale University

1 thought on “ACMS Fellowship 2023 Selection Announcement”

  1. Joan Schneider

    Impressed by the quality of the fellowship topics! And, of course, the institutions that are behind these projects. ACMS should be proud of its support for these researchers.

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