Rubin Museum’s ACMS Sponsored 2019 Curatorial Intern Selected

Ms. Myagmartseren Purev, Assistant Curator of Vanjil Institute

The ACMS is pleased to introduce the intern selected for the 2019/2020 Rubin Museum of Art internship program. Ms. Myagmartseren Purev, Assistant Curator of Vanjil Institute, has been selected to conduct Curatorial Internship at the Rubin Museum in New York City starting late-October.

Ms. Myagmartseren will be trained in the curatorial department and report to the Curator of Himalayan Art. Her general responsibilities will be to assist the Curator with general departmental tasks as well as exhibition specific projects. She will learn about the planning and research processes of exhibitions, and upkeep of the Rubin’s permanent collection.

During her internship she will be working on a cross-cultural exhibition that explores ideas of Afterlife in Christian and Buddhist traditions and opens in the fall of 2020. She will learn how religious images from these two traditions approach the notions that are relevant to everyone to this day and gain first-hand experience in studying objects planned for exhibition, research collections for possible objects to be included in the exhibition, and provide art historical and thematic analysis for exhibition objects.

Additionally, she will have the opportunity to blog and social media posts in relation to exhibitions and/or collection objects with the assistance of the curatorial staff. Her internship will begin in fall 2019 and last for four months.

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