Q&A: “Rethinking Mongolia’s History” by Dr. Batsaikhan Ookhnoi

The Q&A session footage from the 2019 Speaker Series presentation titled “Rethinking Mongolia’s History: Mongolian National Revolution of 1911 and The Last Emperor of Mongolia, VIII Bogdo Jebtsundamba Khutukhtu” by Dr. Batsaikhan Ookhnoi.



The footage is available for ACMS members only. We organize the speaker series to promote the sharing of research and knowledge in the field of Mongolia Studies.


ACMS is a non-profit educational organization that works to strengthen and deepen academic and cultural connections between the United States and Mongolia.


Professor Batsaikhan Ookhnoi has been working at the Institute of International Studies, Mongolian Academy of Sciences since 2010. He was a visiting Professor at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Cambridge University, UK, Tohoku University, Japan. He is the author and editor of five books, including Mongolian independence and Kiakhta Agreement of 1915 Between China, Russia and Mongolia (2002), Mongolia: becoming a nation state (1911-1946) (2005), Diary of I.Ia.Korostovets, Russian Plenipotentiary in Mongolia in 1912-1913 (2010), and most recently, The history of Modern Mongolia (1911-2017) (2018).

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