Q&A: “The Future of Mongolia’s Foreign Policy” by Bolor Lkhaajav

The Q&A session footage from the 2021 Speaker Series presentation titled “The Future of Mongolia’s Foreign Policy: Challenges and Opportunities” by Bolor Lkhaajav.
The main lecture: https://youtu.be/LuAkFtYp1MM
The footage is available for ACMS members only. We organize the speaker series to promote the sharing of research and knowledge in the field of Mongolia Studies.
About the Presenter:
Bolor Lkhaajav is a researcher focusing on international relations, foreign policy, and contemporary national security issues in the Asia-Pacific. She graduated from the University of San Francisco in Asia-Pacific Studies in 2018. Since 2017, Bolor has been mentoring undergraduate students from the School of International Relations and Public Administration at the National University of Mongolia. She is currently writing a book on Mongolia’s foreign policy. Her research work has appeared in a range of publications in multiple languages (English, Mongolian, French, and Russian) including The Diplomat Magazine, International Security Observer, La Stampa (Italy), AsiaRussia (Russia). ACMS is a non-profit educational organization that works to strengthen and deepen academic and cultural connections between the United States and Mongolia.
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