Owen Lattimore Books in the ACMS collection

Lattimore, Owen. America and Asia; Problems of Today's War and the Peace of Tomorrow. Claremont, Calif: [Pub. by Claremont Colleges for the three associated colleges at Claremont], 1943.

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Lattimore, Owen. Pivot of Asia; Sinkiang and the Inner Asian Frontiers of China and Russia. Boston: Little, Brown, 1950.

Lattimore, Owen. Ordeal by Slander. Boston: Little, Brown, 1950.

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Newman, Robert P. Owen Lattimore and the "Loss" of China. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1992.

Articles written by Owen Lattimore

  • "America and the Future of China." Amerasia 5 (September 1941): 296-97.
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  • "Inner Asia: Sino-Soviet Bridge." Nation 175 (December 6, 1952): 512-14.
  • "International Chess Game." New Republic 112 (May 28, 1945): 731-33.
  • "Mongolia as a Leading State." Mongolian Studies 10 (1986-87): 5-18.
  • "My Audience With Chingghis Khan." Atlantic Monthly 160 (July 1937): 1-10.
  • "New Road to Asia." National Geographic Magazine 86 (December 1944): 641-76.
  • "On the Wickedness of Being Nomads." Asia 35 (October 1935): 598-605.
  • "Reply to Mr. Kohlberg." China Monthly 6 (December 1945): 15-17.
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  • "Yunnan, Pivot of Southeast Asia."Foreign Affairs 21 (April 1943): 476-93.

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