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АМСТ-ийн Ээлжит Эрдэм Шинжилгээний Хурал - 2010

АМСТ-ийн Ээлжит Эрдэм Шинжилгээний Хурал
Second Annual ACMS Conference on "Cultural Practices in Post-Soviet Mongolia" was held on June 10-11, 2010 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Fifteen researchers (from the US, Canada, UK, Mongolia, Hungary, France, Wales and Australia) presented their research on the ongoing revitalization, adaptation, change or preservation efforts taking place in Mongolia since 1990 in four topic areas: the arts, new cultural practices, language, and religion.

The keynote speaker was Carole Pegg, Ph.D., University of Cambridge who presented her research on “Performing Mongolian: Culture and Identities in a Globalizing World.” Professors Morris Rossabi and William Fierman were the special guest speakers. A book display was organized, with relevant titles in English and Mongolian, and the Conference wrapped up with a Roundtable discussion by the panel Moderators.

An exclusive pre-premiere screening of the documentary film 'Mongolian Bling' has taken place at the Khan Bank Theater after the Opening Reception.

The conference was sponsored by the Henry Luce Foundation in cooperation with University of the Humanities, Language Policy National Academy, and Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology, Social Science School, National University of Mongolia.

Conference Document: .pdf

Remarks by Ambassador Addleton at Closure of the Conference - The Speech link

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