New Open Access Resources Page Online

The ACMS is happy to announce the unveiling of the new Open Access Resources for Researchers in Mongolia website. This guide is meant to provide access to open access and online material relevant to research in Mongolia in a new easy to access format. This project is an ongoing collaboration between the American Center for Mongolian Studies and the Mongolian Library Consortium.

This project was sponsored in part through the ACMS-Mongolia Field Research Fellowship Program, which is funded by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State through a grant from the Council of American Overseas Research.

The new website can be viewed through the Quick Links Menu or at:

ACMS Digital Collections

The ACMS library is currently working to build its digital collections of materials relevant to academic research in Mongolia. The geographic isolation of Mongolia and the dispersed quality of the academic community doing research in Mongolia and Inner Asia makes the digitization of primary and secondary research sources an important aspect of the ACMS library's core activities.

Digitization of Buddhist Manuscripts in Oirat Clear Script and Mongolian Old Script
The ACMS in partnership with Tod Nomin Gerel and the Digital Library for International Research has completed the digitization of hand-made Buddhist manuscripts written in both Oirat clear script and Mongolian old script. Being able to access the scant information that exists on Oirat culture and history, in their own voice, provides important insights into this little understood but important transition area, and into the religious, literary, linguistic, and historical cultural heritage of the Western Mongols within a greater ‘Khalkha’ Mongolia. This is one of several projects being carried out by member centers of the Council of American Overseas Research Centers. These digitization projects were funded by the U.S. Department of Education's TICFIA program and administered by the Digital Library for International Research. The Tod Nomin Gerel collection can bee seen at:

Digitalized Legal Texts of Outer Mongolia and the People's Republic of Mongolia
ImageThe ACMS is developed the collection that contains nearly 1,600 digital scans of laws and regulations written in Mongol script, and it covers an interesting array of topics from the Mongolian People's Republic constitution to regulations about harvesting pine cone seeds. The project received support from the US Department of Education TICFIA program under the Local Archives and Libraries at Overseas Research Centers (LALORC) project. To view the collection, visit

Muslim Minorities in Inner Asia Lecture Series
Edited video of a lecture given as part of the " Muslim Minorities in Inner Asia Lecture Series." The lecture series was made possible with a grant from theCouncil of American Overseas Research Centers(CAORC) and the Carnegie Corporation of New York.

ACMS Speaker Series Video Footage
In the spring of 2007, the ACMS began recording its Speaker Series lectures. These will eventually be available on the Internet.

ACMS Installs New Digital Laboratory

ImageImageWith funds from TICFIA, the ACMS purchased and installed new software and hardware to digitize sutras provided by the Tod Nomiin Gerel group. The high quality photos and the associated metadata (collected using international Dublin Core standards) will be uploaded via the Omeka system and presented on a specially designed web-page portal. When complete, these freely available samples of sutras in Clear Script, Mongol Bichig and Tibetan Script can be used by specialists all over the world for translation exercises, analysis of original translations (from Tibetan to Clear Script) and other historical analysis. Tuvshintugs of the Mongolian National Academy of Sciences is the Project Leader.

Visiting Librarian Conducts Cataloging Techniques Workshop

Dambiinyan Enerel
Cataloging Seminar at MUST
On May 1st, 2012, the ACMS hosted a workshop "Basic Cataloging Workshop" presented by visiting librarian Dambiinyan Enerel. Enerel is a Catalog Librarian and Assistant Professor at Middle Tennessee State University. This seminar covered basic cataloging techniques as well as the MARC format, a widely used standard for bibliographic information. The workshop included information on cataloging not only books and serials, but a variety of other materials such as CDs and DVDs as well. Participants included librarians from 10 different university and public libraries in the area.

ACMS Library Manager/IT Specialist Provides Trainings to Member Institution Faculty

at the Agriculture University
at the University of Humanity
In February, 2011 faculty from the University of the Humanities and in March the Mongolian State University of Agriculture faculty received training on Web 2.0 technology and Research Database. One training each month was held at MUST and in all a total of 62 faculty were served. The responses have been overwhelmingly positive and always result in requests for additional, follow-up sessions.

ACMS now located at Center 34 Building

New Location and contact information:

Room No.306, Central 34 Building, Chingeltei District, Ulaanbaatar (Click here for a map and directions to our new location)

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