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ACMS Fellowship Opportunities for 2015

The American Center for Mongolian Studies is pleased to announce its fellowship programs for the summer of 2015. There are fellowship grant opportunities for advanced undergraduate and graduate students, post-docs, and faculty, as well as library and information science students and professionals. More information about the fellowship opportunities is available at:

ACMS Director Marc Tasse UBS television interview for the “Global Leader” Television Project

The purpose of this project is to assist Mongolian students with studying abroad by providing television-based information on various topics from application through graduation. The television program will act as a guide to study in that particular country explaining advantages of its education system and will highlight the country as an attractive study destination. This year, the program will focus on studying in Taiwan with occasional sections from countries including the United States, Canada, UK, Korea and Japan. The television program has sections on television-based study abroad guide, scholarship competition, university promotions, English lessons and interviews. Ten Taiwanese universities are participating in this television project by offering 10 full scholarships for the winners of the scholarship competition and by hosting the television project team in March 2015 in Taiwan. ACMs Director Marc Tasse is proud to have been selected as the first speaker in this initiative.



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“Together With Otgonbat-Let’s Talk in English” program, click on image to view

ACMS Members and Fellows Profiles

The ACMS has a wide diversity of members and fellows who are conducting work on a variety of projects in many different fields of study. These profiles will give everyone a chance to see what their colleagues and fellow members are accomplishing.

Mongolian Premiere "The Tsaatan -Revival of a Forgotten Culture and Language" Documentary and Gala

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 Click on photo above for link to online video of documentary


December 2nd , 2014 - Starting 5:30 PM

Location: Mongolian National Museum

Tel: 976 7711-0486




Fearing the demise of the Tuvan (Tsaatan in Mongolia) culture, one Tsaatan woman, Oyunbadam, is seeking to reverse the trend.  She obtained a grant from Santis Productions so that she could achieve her first year’s ambitions.  The President of Mongolia  issued a proclamation of support.  The Ministries of Education and of Culture, Sports and Tourism also have rallied in support, as have the Tsaatan people themselves. This film records the first year of that effort.

 The film reports on the steadfast determination of a few remaining Tuvan personalities in Mongolia to prevent their culture and language from dying altogether. Their perseverance resulted in a  pilot project amidst the Tsaatan people to have a summer school program teaching the Tuva language and customs to the children of the area.  The efforts were greeted enthusiastically, and were recorded on this film.  They also attracted the attention of the President of Mongolia, who issued a proclamation in support of these efforts.

To Celebrate the Mongolian Premiere of this film, the ACMS is holding a Gala event at the National History museum of Mongolia on December 2nd starting at 6 pm.  Included in the evening events will be a lecture on the Tuvan people, screening of the documentary with a reception following. 

Space is limited, seats may be reserved by contacting Baigalmaa at 7711-0486 or emailing 


International consultancy for conducting in-depth studies of the Social Indicator Sample Survey


International consultancy for conducting in-depth studies of the Social Indicator Sample Survey


The Mongolia Country Office of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), an international development agency, is inviting prospective individuals to provide consultancy services.





International consultancy for conducting in-depth studies of the Social Indicator Sample Survey


From 1 January to 31 March, 2015 (three months)

Issue date:

15 December 2014

Deadline date:

26 December 2014, 1300 hours


UNFPA, jointly with UNICEF, supported National Statistical Office (NSO) in conducting Social Indicator Sample Survey (SISS) - a combined Reproductive Health Survey, Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey and Demographic Health Survey. Data collection was conducted between October and December of 2013 and preliminary results were disseminated in June of 2014. The main report is expected to be launched in late December, 2014, followed by in-depth analyses on 8 topics planned for 2015. UNFPA is providing financial and technical assistance to conduct three of these in-depth studies around reproductive health issues on the SISS data. Topics are to be agreed on in January in consultation with key national stakeholders (Ministry of Health and NSO), and it is expected that the reports of the in-depth studies are launched by the end of March 2015.  In so doing, it has been agreed between NSO and UNFPA that young, national researchers such as PhD candidates can be selected, so as to ensure their exposure and experience to quality analysis work from one of the major social surveys conducted in Mongolia such as SISS.   

Purpose of technical support

The consultant is expected to contribute to imparting and upgrading technical and analytical skills of the selected three young and national researchers for the SISS in-depth study. The consultant is also expected to have the final responsibility for design, analyses and final report of three in-depth studies.  It should be noted that in order to ensure the inclusion of the national context, it is planned to have a national expert, who will be working closely with the international consultant and the selected researchers.

Scope of the assignment

  • In coordination with and together with the national expert, provide timely technical guidance and coaching to three selected young researchers on advanced statistical analyses on the SISS data on selected topics and finalize the three reports in collaboration with the young researchers.
  • Contribute to the process of selecting specific topics for the in-depth studies within the scope of work of UNFPA, exploring options and assessing capabilities of the selected researchers.
  • Conduct two in-country missions to carry out training and provide hands-on guidance to the selected researchers at the beginning and during the research design stage, and at the end during the report writing stage of the in-depth studies. 

Expected Outputs/Deliverables

  • Mission report after the first in-country visit and initial consultations with the researchers
  • Progress report by the end of the second month of the assignment
  • Mission report after the second in-country visit, with attachments of nearly final in-depth study reports done by the researchers

Qualifications and Experience Requirements

  • Postgraduate degree in statistics, demography, social science or a related field. A PhD is preferred;
  • At least 15 years of research experience in areas of sexual and reproductive health and population dynamics;
  • Strong quantitative data analysis skills proven by printed publications;
  • Close familiarity with UNFPA’s global, regional and national programme frameworks, including the ICPD Programme of Action;
  • Proven ability to write on technical subjects in clear and well-structured English;
  • Demonstrated experience in coaching and guiding young researchers, supported by effective inter-personal communication skills;
  • Familiarity with population dynamics and trends in the Asia and the Pacific region, especially in relation to Mongolia.

Interested individuals are encouraged to visit UNFPA Mongolia website located at and its social media sites for downloadable templates. Please send the following documents electronically to dedicated email inbox of

  • Application cover page
  • CV indicating relevant experience and academic background
  • List of similar consultancies undertaken outlining brief description of consultancy, deliverables, employer name, etc.
  • Proposed timeframe (in number of days) and remuneration fee (daily rate in US dollars) for this consultancy.

Tel: 353503, ext. 3355

Contact person: Ms. G. Enkhjargal UNFPA Administrative Associate
UNFPA Mongolia Country Office
UN House, Floor 4, Room 402 Sukhbaatar District, UN Street 14 Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 14201
Tel: 353503, ext. 3355
Fax: 976-11-353502

Speaker Series - Chogdon Tsedev
Challenges in Translation and their Reasons

 December 9th, 2014 - Starting 5:30 PM

Location: American Cormer, Ulaanbaatar Public Library

Tel: 976 7711-0486

Translating documents is a challenge that faces many Mongolian academics.  In order to gain access to the vast quantity of knowledge available in the world,  Mongolian need to make their research available, as well as gain access to information from outside sources.  The key challenge is the quality of the translation and the understanding of not only the words but the intended meaning of the authors.

Using two different Mongolian  translations of  “In Secret Mongolia”, originally by Henning Haslund, Professor Chogdon Tsedev will attempt to demonstrate the importance of accurate translation.  He will examine some of the syntactic, stylistic and vocabulary mistakes made in these works and draw conclusions as presented in his article published in “ foreign language teaching methodology” magazine.  There will also be an analysis of English translations of Mongolian works and some of the challenges discovered.



ACMS celebrates it's 10th anniversary

On May 21, 2014 the American Center for Mongolian Studies (ACMS) celebrated the 10th anniversary of the opening of its Ulaanbaatar representative office with a reception and office grand opening event. The Mongolian Minister of Culture. Tourism and Sport, Oyungerel, offered congratulations to the ACMS for its many years of support for academic research in Mongolia, and its efforts to promote academic exchanges between Mongolia and international countries. US Ambassador to Mongolia Piper Wind Campbell offered her support for the ACMS, and noted that the US Government and US Embassy work closely with the ACMS to support academic research and exchanges between the United States and Mongolia. Representatives of several other countries, including Canada and Australia were also present to offer their congratulations.  ACMS Executive Director Dr. Charles Krusekopf noted, “The ACMS plays a key role in building knowledge about Mongolia in the world, and in bringing the world of knowledge to Mongolia.”  Dr. Krusekopf highlighted that the future of Mongolian Studies is bright, and interest in academic research in Mongolia has been growing in recent years.


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On the Move One Last Time

In true nomadic tradition, the ACMS has relocated several times during the last 10 years.  Through our partnership with local Universities, the ACMS has been located in  the National University Mongolia and the Mongolian University of Science and Technology.  Recently we have been in our temporary location at the Center 34 building. Just as Mongolia is becoming more urban and settled, the ACMS is now moving one more time to what will be our long term home. 

 Through the generous support of the Natsagdorj Ulaanbaatar Public Library, we will be located on the main floor, northeast corner of the Library, accessible by the East Entrance.  This new, larger space will house the ACMS admin office, library and resource center and GIS lab.  It will also be the home for the Books for Asia Program delivered in partnership with the Asia Foundation.

Starting on November 19th, the ACMS will be operating exclusively from the new location.  Come by and visit by following the link to the  new ACMS.

New ACMS Link

ACMS Office - Natsagdorj Library East Entrance

New Telephone Numbers:

ACMS:     976 7711 0486

Books for Asia:   976 7710 0486